Fresh is recruiting! Apply at the top left!

We are Fresh, a World of Warcraft progression raiding guild. We currently have a full 10-man raiding team consisting of skilled raiders from all of Baelgun-US and beyond. We are recruiting currently for Mythic in the upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor. Currently consisting of 11 players, Fresh is looking for many more raiders to join in for the upcoming expansion and continue to be one of the highest progressing guilds on the server. Currently we are recruiting for dps, more importantly ranged dps. Warlocks, boomkins, and mages are our highest priority in solidifying the last spots for our 20 man group. 

For more info on joining Fresh's raiding team, please message Drewzinsky, Trogdarius or Rawshock in game, or add Lilchili#1489 to your in-game friends list to contact Drewzinsky in the event that he logs on.

For anything else, please check out our site pages, including the forums and videos, in order to keep up on current Fresh events as well as be entertained by our various World of Warcraft activities.

P.S. FRESH STREAMS! If you want to check us out on twitch there are two different people who do so. Check out one of the two people to watch how we play and be amazed!


Play hard and have fun!